Websites For Lawyers

Websites for Lawyers

A website is the first thing people look for when looking up a need or service. That’s what got you here. For someone looking for a lawyer, there is no exception. They will google for someone to help them. Here at Websites for Lawyers, that’s what we specialize in. With over fifteen years of combined experience in web development, web design, graphic design, and Search Engine Optimization, we can help them get help from you. We want you to be seen, and we want you to be heard loud and clear. As a subsidiary of Netphiles, we’ve worked on hundreds of websites in the past. We’ve done work for a wide variety of businesses from Realty companies, to several sections of the Florida Bar. Websites for lawyers wants to help you help others in your community.


SEO Marketing

As mentioned above, we want you to be seen. Social Media is the new standard for advertising, every website we design is integrated with all the major networks that you utilize most to get the word out about your brand. We have specialists in Search Engine Optimization and when creating a website for a client it’s our main concern. Using special tools such as Google Webmaster and Google Analytics, we can not only get you on the first page of google, we can tell you how often people are visiting your site.


Websites for Lawyers - John Bischof
John Bischof | Tallahassee Bankruptcy Law Center
“One-to-one, person-on-person feedback is the thing that I appreciate the most, and I couldn’t have gotten that pretty much anywhere other than Netphiles.”
Websites for Lawyers - Steve Mitchell
Steve Mitchell | Mitchell Mediation Services
“I had a high expectation of what I was going to get, and like I said, I feel that those expectations have been met.”

Content Management Systems

Another specialty of our here at Websites for Lawyers is that we create a website that lets you be in control. Using a content management system called WordPress you have the ability to update, delete and edit your website’s content as easily as you would send an email.

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